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Designers on Myspace?

Designing for Bands

Business Type!

JUNE! _Sketches and Illys!

You know what sucks...

I need an IM - Suggestions?

Artist Representation?

Virtual NES

So It Looks Like I Might Be In The Marke...

Favorite Taco Place

Kyle Crawford & Chris Rushing

Buttholes, Lips, and Peckers : Artist

HELPP! (album art)

Take a screenshot


Two New Chuck Episodes tonight!

iron mic freestyle battle: eli porter vs...


get it ready, and toss it in the sack

Transformers 2


THE BEST USE of a lightning filter

Buy that Bridge and Tunnel design for on...

now this prob already been posted buttttt

3 FREE DBH shirts for Community Building...

hangover cures

Do you prefer to submit to Threadless or...



Favorite youtube videos.

Just wondering...

Any fans of...

Imogen Plussed Now on Sale for $12!!!

Digital Artists Will do Battle on New MT...


George Carlin, dead at 71.

trouble with someone on bc

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