brandon day aka invocation clothing is a...


Puppies can be cute, too

I lost my son!

[No longer] Accepting commissions for a ...

How much does a "bag of Heroin" cost?

Society6, Redbubble and things like that

Pantone White?

Typography/Calligraphy/Logo Work

October Halloween Drawing Challenge

Tired of the Olympics?

Sketches and Illustrations March 2012

Oh no...not another TULTEX thread.....

Mmm.. Katy Perry... - talk to strangers anonymously

rob liefeld = best ripper ever!

Sketches & Illustrations: April 2012

your favorite logos

Design Trends of 2010?


Edgil Pagaduan -NOT- on Full Metal T-Shirt!

January Sketches and Illustrations PART 2

How much money do i charge for an illust...


Post yo' pet, son!

Drawlloween 2014

Screen printing business name?

Coloring Objects In Illustrator?

Holy Moly

urban outfitters: getting your line into...

Simple Free Ways to improve your Big Car...

When Pandas Attack plagiarized by Rob Pr...

Best superhero ever!

American Appare (2001)l Vs Anvil Fashion...

MORPH different faces - addicting!


rip. (R.I.P Kelly Orr)

Oh Emptees

Free Poser?

How big is the online t-shirt industry?

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