Designs For Sale - March 2015

Artists with a similar style to Dan Hipp?

Great Reads

Behance Exchange

Clothing Brand

NEED DESIGNER Paying $400-500

Best way to store and fold t-shirts over...

Heat press shirts; yay or nay?

pls help

Creating a Brand Identity

What Are You Listening To? - March 2015

Pros & Cons of splitting a brand name fo...

Work For Hire v. Freelancing

Sketches and illustration march 2015

Typography/Calligraphy/Logo 2015 T shirt Design Contest and w...

Design Sale - Freya Bevan Fund

Choosing a theme for clothing line





Feedback: Swallows&Daggers New Site.

Electric Zombie - Friday The 13th - Toys...

Custom Typography in Illustrator Walkthough

Pls help...........?

Brand Name

Buy Skateboard Deck Design, Sites?

Indonesia Printing?

Alibaba for outsourcing?

urgent illustration assistance needed

design by humans

Weird shit you will never forget from em...

How to get into community selected tees ...

Sketches and Illustrations February 2015

Upscaling work in Photoshop

Designs For Sale - February 2015

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