Hey guys, putting the final touches an article of the hottest female t shirt models, right now im at 15 different companies, this list could be gigantic, but i really want to max it at 20.

post your favorite and maybe ill add them!
  • markusmanson

    mrcoffeebean said:
    She is outstanding sweet! When she wearing my Tee.

  • piecesoflust

    Designkins said:

    she's my new favorite too.. +1 her haircut!

    built for sin.

    derekdeal said: dead serious has some hotties

    my buddy was sating the 2nd girl, shes actually amazingly sweet
  • treycook

    Karmaloop girl must be mine.
  • Evanimal

    no shit
  • panicpop

  • i came from nothing

  • i came from nothing

    A preview of the Bear Brains shoot...

  • treycook

    Did this just turn into a "promote your line" thread? Boooo.
  • drop

  • stalefishz

    CallumGreen said:

    Got a link?
    I wanna buy this
  • Joshua Stomberg

    stalefishz said:
    CallumGreen said:

    I also want to buy this.
  • Will Petersen

    sittingduck said:
    stalefishz said:
    CallumGreen said:

    I also want to buy this.

    It's not printed yet, but should be soon :)
  • HighFive

  • mumolabs

    vinnyg said:

    SUPER! :D
  • Adhesive Hippo

    jaynajaynajayna said: Little known fact about you that not a lot of people know…

  • Cutty.


    Holy crap < 3

    I just found out Sherri Moon Zombie had her own clothing line, with freaking her and rob doing cheesy t-shirt promos. So freaking awesome.
  • wesleynettleton

    What about this guy :)
  • Adhesive Hippo

  • Christiane

    think the guys would like the GAS-D girls .. really good models tho :)

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