I finally finished this one!
i'm working for about 2 months on it, approx. 1,2 hours /day
I start with the idea to have a poster that you can rotate it 180 and totally change the picture you look at. i choose this theme so the contrast between the 2 images to be as big as it can,and a funny reason, let's say you have it on the wall with the ''girl side''and your grandma is coming to you,just rotate the poster and you have a picture of a priest and so you won't shock your family :)
I call it ''subliminal'' even it's not so subliminal, as i planned .
And by the way ,can you tel me how much do you think i should ask for it ? tnx!

180% rotated

and a close-up
  • collisiontheory

  • Tender Branson

    That's just awesome
  • MichaelLoSauro

    I can't see it :(
  • quakerninja

    I want to buy this.
  • RustyEight

    this has to be the most amazing thing in existance
  • The Quickness

    Hidden penis and vajayjay... awesome!
  • MichaelLoSauro

    edgillustrator said:
    MykeCatastrophic said: I can't see it :(

    look harder! i dont want to spoil it for you or anyone else

    No, I mean I can't see the image. I think it's blocked at my school.
  • LiviuMatei

    wowzaaaa....this is insane...porn and priests ftw!
  • quakerninja

    Can you put this up on My soti for a second. I really want one.
  • DeadRight

    Your an amazing artist.
  • G-rant

    OMFG hahahahahaha
  • NVasion

    that's so amazing.
  • whyball

    Thanks a lot guys, i,m so glad you like this one, but nobody tel me an aprox. amount for it...?!
    "only crazy,sick guys like you can appreciate a work like this" :)
  • RustyEight

    Bump... fixing the natural order of things
  • quakerninja

    I don't know the price at Mysoti But I would buy one, it's free for you and I think you get a few bucks for it. I would paypal you some extra to sweeten the deal.
  • aleph13

    Killer illustration, whyball!
  • quakerninja

    had to cum back to this, I like the dick nose too. ha ha.
  • whyball

    skull with hair said: really awesome man, my only thing is that the cock is way too obvious in the first orientation. maybe its because i am a child and i see a wang in anything remotely phallic but that was the first thing i noticed. regardless, you are insane and i love it.

    pretty weird, because everyone that i asked about what they see beside the priest, saw first her legs and what's between ...

    quakerninja said: I don't know the price at Mysoti But I would buy one, it's free for you and I think you get a few bucks for it. I would paypal you some extra to sweeten the deal.

    Thnx.quakerninja for advice! but i would prefer to sell it only once to someone that will print it and sell it after that!
  • heat.

    A M A Z I N G
  • downrodeo

    H O L Y S H I T.
  • gaunty

    downrodeo said: H O L Y S H I T.

    heat. said: A M A Z I N G

    edgillustrator said: what the hell man!! that is amazing!!

    collisiontheory said: wow!!
  • whyball

    I totally forgot about this drawing...i was so excited when i finished but nobody was interested to buy it( at least not for the price that i asked for it ) :) so i stored it somewhere on my backup HDD and now i found it.
    So in case if somebody can give me an idea ,where to try to sell it or is interested in buying it,let me know,and i will very much appreciate if you give me an advice about the price too!
  • RobotTiger

    heythequickness said: Hidden penis and vajayjay... awesome!
  • whyball

    RobotTiger said:
    heythequickness said: Hidden penis and vajayjay... awesome!

    Here is a larger image :
  • Beadler

    this is amazing
  • whyball

    Beadler said: this is amazing

    Thanks man!
  • NinetyOneDesigns

    this is seriously so awesome.
  • jfinley

    wow nice job Cristi, this is great! Sick, but great!
  • whyball

    ndough said: OMFG brilliant man that truly art, you make it easy on one step:)

    Thanks Ndough !it will be brilliant to sell it too :)

    Thanks Jeff ! yes i know it's pretty sick :)
  • againstbound

    Holyshit, dude!
  • wotto

    Hidden Pron FTW

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