I know there are a few bball fanatics here.

Some of you might know that that former NBA ref Tim Donaghy was charged on betting on a couple games. Well, this guy is releasing a book and the NBA is doing everything to block the book from publication.

Here's the link to the excerpts from the book. Very interesting stuffs and insights nonetheless.

  • collisiontheory

    Crazy stuff! It's all pretty realistic and is probably common in all sports. It's just part of the game.
  • Random

    We all know that stars get preferential treatment, remember "Jordan rules" when they would call a foul on anyone who even looked at him too hard. But lets be honest Donaghy knows he's finished and is trying to grab any cash he can on the way down the toilet [where his career went].
  • Benzoe88

    wow, i dont believe it all but im sure some of it is true.

    i know hes doing everything in his power to take other people down with him thats why i dont believe most of the shit hes saying
  • Time Without the E

    another reason why basketball sucks...
  • bmoore

    skull with hair said: this dude is human waste and i don't believe a word out of his mouth at this point. he is obviously out of the only profession he knows and is doing anything he can (including stretching the truth or straight up making up shit) to make a buck. fuck tim donaghy and fuck anyone who buys his book.

    the dude is a deadbeat just trying to keep an income

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