My Brain hurts trying to figure out whose hotter.
Morgan Webb

Olivia Munn

Whats up fella's and Ladies. Preferences?
I'm sorta leaning toward Olivia right now but that may be because i only watch Attack of the show and not Xplay.

this Board is slow at midnight haha.
  • bombcharge

    it's a pretty tough choice. i would say #2 also!
  • Cant Draw Can Write

    byskell said: I have no idea who they are but I'd say #2

    TV hosts on G4.
  • TKIMine

    OLIVIA MUNN!!!!!
    too bad G4 is no longer in my house :(
  • godsloadedsociety

  • Cant Draw Can Write

    no doubt that morgan was hotter as a blonde though.
  • jeff


    morgan webb wore a shirt one time with a red mushroom on it and it said '1 up'

    she lost hot points for that shit. it should have said "power up"

    and olivia always bothered me because she was so plastic, and mispronounced shit all the time. and rarely knew what the hell was going on when she first started...

    Morgan gets the upper nod because she's normal looking... olivia on g4 is like what megan fox was to transformers... there to look pretty and hopefully no one will notice she doesent know much.
  • atomicchild

  • blakecan

    Maaaaan Olivia Munn is SO hot!! SO HOT!
    Hot gamer girl, do want. :P
  • El Presidente

    atomicchild said:

  • Redemption Brand

    olivia munn please.
  • Cant Draw Can Write

  • PrimatePrecious

    Yeah #2 all the way
  • Benzoe88

    Con said: olivia munn please.

    her ass is way to flat for me. it looks like she has a long back to me lol
  • DCBeatty

    Cant Draw/Can Write said:

    whoa, nippage
  • Cant Draw Can Write

    haha only one vote for morgan webb. bumber for her. looks like the winner by a landslide is olivia munn.
    damn near a...
  • cherrypistols

    dcbeatty said:
    Cant Draw/Can Write said:

    whoa, nippage

    ohhhwwww yerrrr! :D

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