I finally got my ass around to update my web.

New site, new layout, and semi-new works.

Let me know if you guys find any bugs.



  • Adam Vaudin

    looks awesome dude
  • atomicchild

    such a pro
  • Mel Muraca

    looks sweet, So many cool things I'd seen and didn't know who had done them. nice!
  • oohdoyle

    Looks nice.
  • David Merritt

    I would love to work with you in the future!
  • panicpop

    very well done,
    good job.

    just 2 things.
    1) some of your imgs are very big and take long to load,
    may want to shrink them a bit and i hope when u saved them, u saved them for 'web and devices' and progressive.

    2) good job with the javascript, i would recommend the jquery lightbox, same thing, but its preferred amongsts designers.
  • herman

    thanks for all the comments.

    For the pop up images, I try to keep everything within 1024x768.

    I'll definitely look into the image sizes issue.

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