I'm going to post this on my blog, tonight but thought I'd share as I am sure that theres a pile of you who don't read it....

(In no order)

2. Dawn of the Dead Remake
3. Nightmare on Elm Street 1-3 in a row, yea I know I'm cheating but watching them back to back rules. 3 by far is the best of the series though
4. Hatchet
5. Friday the 13th 6 & 7
6. Child's Play 2 (fucking glorious)
7. Grindhouse (as a whole, not that split shit)
8. Brainscan
9.Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight
10. I might get some shit for this but my bloody valentine remake in 3d, how could you not love a 3d movie in your own home?!
11.Maximum Overdrive (how could you not love the soundtrack)
12. Shaun of the Dead
13. Final Destination 2, these movies suck, but I love the death scenes in this movie. Ridiculous

honorable mentions :

Army of Darkness (but you can watch that any time)

day of the dead - original

I'm not a fan of the actual halloween movies. I think they're terrible. the character sucks and it makes me want to shit on grandma
  • Kyle Crawford

    I love the way eddie furlong is a bitch when he opens up the fridge to find the foot
  • Disillusion

    Definitely with you on the Nightmare on Elm Street 1-3.
  • DeadRight

    I like the first Halloween movie. But everything after that was pretty lame since Michael Myers seems to be pretty much the Terminator.
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE


    Oh man, I haven't seen Demon Knight in so long! Watched it a ton after it first came out and was on cable. Don't think I've seen it since.
  • horsebites

  • molasses4masses

    28 Days Later. I've always liked that movie.
  • Kyle Crawford

    horsebites said: DRAG ME TO HELL

    downloading it as we speak. Im going to watch it on the plane to Cali
  • Sam Kaufman

    brraaaainscan yeah
  • cityhall

    I always have to watch Return of the Living Dead on halloween (only watch the original, do not watch any of the sequels or you will want to pull your penis out through your eye sockets)
    Its funny and it has the two of the greatest zombies ever (Tarman & Trash)

    Night of the Creeps is pretty awesome too.
  • Kyle Crawford

    return of the living dead 3 is fucking awesome i dont know what youre talking about... butttttttt it wasnt zombie enough for me. which is why it didnt go on the list. it was too good guy zombie flick for me
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    I'm definitely a fan of the Original Romero Trilogy when it comes to ZOMBIE flicks. But I also love The Return of the Living Dead's. (The first is my fav by far. CLASSIC.)


    Dawn re-make -YES

    Shaun - YES

    28 weeks/days - YES (Not "officially" zombies but who cares. They are so well made)

    The 90's NOTLD re-make is alright too.
  • DanielAndHisArt

    Just gonna add my top 13 movies for halloween/watch every halloween.

    1. Ernest Scared Stupid
    2. Night of The Living Dead
    3. Hatchet
    4. Evil Dead Trilogy
    5. Halloween Series
    6. Friday The 13th Series including the remakes ( i love them all)
    7. The Childs Play series
    8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 and The Next Generation ( most people hate them but i love them)
    9. Cabin fever ( one of my favorite movies of all time)
    10. The Breed
    11. 2001 Maniacs
    12. The Nightmare on Elmstreet Series
    13. Sleepaway Camp 1-3

    Squirm gets an honorable mention.

    It is more than 13, but i watch all these movies in october and year round for that matter.

    Good list Kyle!
  • wotto

    molasses4masses said: 28 Days Later. I've always liked that movie.
  • Cant Draw Can Write

    5. Friday the 13th 6 & 7

  • wes_allen

    you forgot pet sematary 1 & 2 mang!

    and good call on friday the 13th 6, def my favorite
  • Kyle Crawford

    i like PS2... and its not as good as the others. I dunno it was a hard list
  • molasses4masses

    wes_allen said: you forgot pet sematary 1 & 2 mang!

  • kevbo

    The Gate has always been a fave of mine!
  • oscarface

    IT, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The exorcist.
  • johnsaurus

    so far all those movies u guys posted are awesome.

    what about the descent i love that movie, pretty good twist at the end too.
  • disembodied head

    The Howling
    American Werewolf In London
    The Fly (Cronenberg)
    The Thing (John Carpenter)
    The Omen
  • peterschreve

    i could not agree more with the comment you made about grindhouse. pissed me off real good when they released them as 2 movies.

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