Im on karmaloop every single day and I didnt notice this when did it happen?

Guess im to focused on Greedy Genius haha
  • andrE w.

    wha, im on karmaloop alot too, when idd that happen?
  • joeROOSTER

    yeah i noticed they were on there about two weeks ago.
  • G-rant

    thomcat said: December 15th ha

    ha thats my birthday
  • chrisrushing

    holy crap go chris!
  • R-A

    gengen said: its not that difficult to get a store on karmaloop. you have to pay a pretty high monthly fee and give them 35% of the invoice. plus you still house all product and are responsible for shipping it out.

    they want alot of brands selling. SOOO many stores have closed already because the 35% and the monthly fee is so much, and you have to up your product pricing to be competitive with the other brands.

    ive never sold to a store that way wholesale all the way mate(i dont know if its like that for karmaloop)

    but i think getting on there is quite an achievement
  • andrE w.

    gengen said: derek-
    this might be true, though not completely, but i am speaking for myself specifically. like i mentioned this is an expensive hobby and not a job. i still believe you can take things to the next level and not have to wholesale, but thats just me.

    what do you say about johnny cupcakes (wholesaled for about 3 minutes) and has become successful on his OWN terms (without the wholesaling)/and by building a brand and maintaining a brand online?

    Eventually if you want to take the clothing to the next level, it is inevitable that you are going to end up wholesaling your product or doing something similar to that nature.. either that or just melt online sales forever.

    if ur speaking for yourself why does it sound like ur trashing pyknic for getting a store?
    and i havent seen pyknic compromise anything(yet) i think they keep getting better and better, that yogi bear shirt is fuckin tight and if you dont agree then shit, idk what to tell you.
  • gabroll

    for all the crap slung at Goodie recently over something as simple as an oversight, I certainly don't see any eyebrows being raised over an unlicensed Yogi bear shirt. Am I missing something?
  • andrE w.

    gabroll said: for all the crap slung at Goodie recently over something as simple as an oversight, I certainly don't see any eyebrows being raised over an unlicensed Yogi bear shirt. Am I missing something?

    you really think that sebei/goodie shirt is comprable to the pyknic yogi shirt?
  • Scarecityclothing

    forever ever ago
  • gabroll

    Congratulations on Karmaloop. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about that. I'm pointing out a double standard that is unrelated. 1) Goodie didnt rip off seibei. Actually, David Murray himself will tell you the same thing. 2) It's so easy to talk big on the internet and for someone like adegreeofseperation to say anything is unwarranted.

    I'm actually only talking to you guys to save face since we didn't intentionally or maliciously do anything. Plus we've already spoken to David. Goodie doesn't make Dover book designs, and our market is primarily girls, so that's fine if you don't like what we make. We only exsist however to create positive and encoraging material where there is a giant void. T-shirthell is a multimillion dollar business that banks on making crass, low-brow, sometimes hateful material. We started Goodie Two Sleeves to try and offer a differnt kind of humor and art, to try and offset the offensive stuff. On a different note, we've been ripped off intentionally and purposfully over a dozen times and it sucks. I immediately contacted seibei after hearing about the situation because I knew what he must have been thinking and I wanted to clear the air. It's been cleared. Goodie is always going to have it's critics, and I know I can't have everyone in the world like me, but it really sucks when people gossip about, degrade and defame a company and artist who are trying to make a positive difference and who've addressed a potential problem head on because we recognized the sensitivity of the situation. Besides, would I have done ANYTHING (to contact seibei or comment here) if I actually was in the business of copying people's work? Hardly. There are a lot of great artists and designers on this forum. I wish awesome success to those who deserve it, like Seibei and Pyknic. This is actually an awesome resource that I wish exsisted when we started 5 years ago. It's a shame that it can house so much drama too.
  • miles to go

    well said. as the numbers of people go up and even more new people join, the drama will increase and get out of hand as it does on every single message board/forum in existence.

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