Girlfriend got a nikon coolpix S210 as a gift,

Recently it just gives an Lens Error screen and the lens come out, swiggles around, goes back in, and then BOOM Errrrrrror.


Anyone have any trouble with this?
Or any ideas?

Obviously It can be sent back to Nikon, but... who knows how long that will be till it gets back.
Or how much.
  • CalvinOutLoud

    I had the same problem with a kodak. they sent me a new one with a box to return the old one. call nikon and see what they say.

    It's most likely a firmware error which you won't be able to fix.
  • Jason Carne

    If it is a new camera it is most likely a hardware manufacturer error that they will in all likelihood replace for you free of charge. You will probably have to wait a week or so, but it's better than nothing.

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