what do you think of this. any idea on how to improve it.hahah idk it looks really weird and i cant figure out why.


the second attempt at it.haha

  • Aniast

    Maybe do something to make the CHD more apparent. I don't what that would be, maybe putting a little break between each of the letters or brining the top of the H over.
  • fright-rags

    I agree with Nate and you should move the Chad Humphrey Design down a bit and possibly change the kerning to open it up a little more.

    As for the logo, it's very heavy. I would either decrease the line weight on the entire thing, or vary the line weight to make it more dynamic. Right now it's visually overpowering your name.

    Also it looks too "closed off"...the eye gets trapped in the closed loops and cannot move freely around it.
  • Chaddoesdesign

    haha yea i touched it up a bit in the second go, i think it does looks semi better.haha thanks. im going to keep playing with it

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