Has anybody heard about this?

I thinks it's funny.

  • Geoff May

    at least he wore a sock
  • ThinkBaker

    Bet it was a Hanes.
  • andrE w.

    haha i was looking through a couple articles and the one in the post said he would wear AA underwear alot, only AA underwear. haha
  • ThinkBaker

    Pearls To Pigs said: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-charney17jan17,0,1233679.story?coll=la-home-center

    "Charney's eccentric behavior in and out of the workplace has become legendary. Most notably, he masturbated in front of a magazine reporter interviewing him in 2004."

    woooooow. haha, my man is crazy! AA rules so hard, though. i was just thinking today about how none of my black shirts are fading at all even after a year.

    It's cause he puts a special ingredient in the dyes. ;)
  • miles to go

    how can you doubt the actions of the guy who had a hand in choosing mustache man as a model?

    Lolz, he sounds like an awesome boss :P
  • ThinkBaker

    I think that was a different incident... I just heard on the radio about him having to go to court for Sexual Harassment...... for the FOurth time!

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