Can anyone recommend a reputable and affordable Cut & Sew manufacturer with relatively low minimums? I know some of you like to keep your cards a secret but if anyone is willing to share or hear good things about someone I'd much appreciate any tip :)

Please, no lmgtfy links... I googled it time and time again as well as reading t-shirtforums and looking at sites like alibaba, etc...

But sites like alibaba are hard to weed through so like I said, I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

Thanks :)
  • rowdystyle
  • ibzombieliquorice

    DrewGliever said: This place does great stuff, they'll hook you up:

    I use these guys alot.
  • CalvinOutLoud

    Nicccceee... shitpants aside, do they actually do good work or did you just use that link for gag purposes?
  • ibzombieliquorice

    Cut and sew with low minimums doesn't exist. Should cost you anywhere from 3 to 5K depending on what you want. Put it this way, good cut and sew isnt cheap and cheap cut and sew isnt good. Hope that helps.
  • CalvinOutLoud

    Yea that makes sense :(
  • Vdoshi

    Billoomi Fashion is one of those unique mass production clothing manufacturers who also accepts small quantity MOQ clothing orders. Our services are not limited as mere "cut and sew manufacturers with low minimum" but being a Small Batch Clothing Manufacturers we're a fully factored or vertically integrated unit which helps independent designers or start up fashion clothing lines to grow by offering full package services. Billoomi Fashion is proud to be ISO 9001: 2015 certified as the best overseas clothing manufacturers for small quantities.

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  • Aliahmed

    we are manufacturer and exporter of ready made garments since 2008. our main products are, knitwear : t-shirt, hoodies, polo shirt, tank top, vest, boxer, underwear, sweatpants shorts, sweaters jumpers etc. woven item : shirts, jeans, trouser, shorts etc. our main export market is Europe and usa. competitive price, quality and timely shipment is our commitments.

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