I know it's been discussed but never really answered. I tried searching for it here in the posts but no cigar. I found this site http://www.screensilk.com/2007/01/full-color-screen-printing-with-photoshop/ and was wondering if this is how you guys here do it. Jeff? Jimmy? I know you guys mentioned doing a tutorial for it?

Hope you guys could help out. thanks!
  • Geoff May

    Are we talking 4 color process or spot colors?
  • FreshBakedPrinting

    Are you asking how to sep and existing color image? I print with a four color press and use Photoshop, but it involves alot of magic wand action and cutting a pasting to another file. When you cut to a new file it adds them as layers. Or you could use an expensive program called FastFilms.
  • collisiontheory

    justgeoff said: Are we talking 4 color process or spot colors?

    I guess something like this http://www.emptees.com/tees/1659-royal-blood. This would require 4 color process right? Or something like this - http://www.emptees.com/tees/1176-the-academy-is-big-mess

    Basically, I want to start designing shirts without limiting myself only 3 to 8 colors or something. I just want to learn how to separate the colors when I submit the work to clients.
  • FreshBakedPrinting

    Some of the work looks like half tones which is yet another area of printing (feel free to correct me). If your doing heat transfer than no problem for any number of colors, but screen printing, you really want don't want to go past 4-6 colors, unless your doing it strictly for arts sake. Otherwise, more colors means less $$$.
  • ryanmiller

    conor said: Each color gets it's own layer. I combine all the same colors into their respective layer and delete from them all the layers below so none of the colors overlap.

    This makes it easier on the printer when lining up the screens on the shirts when printing.

    If it's a 3 color design, you should end up with 3 layers, and since each of those layers is just going to end up black on transparent paper to make screens with, it really doesn't matter what color mode the image is using.

    I can do a quick tutorial if needed

    i think he meant 4 color process.. am i right?
  • collisiontheory

    conor said:
    ryanmiller said:

    i think he meant 4 color process.. am i right?

    Hmm, if that's the case, you can use an app like Spot Process which works fantastico with Photoshop.

    Or, do what heavyprints said above, just separate your channels. Image > mode > multichannel, then select split channels from your channels pallete, print each of the layers.

    Yes, I meant 4 color process. Because I was thinking of doing of designs without thinking about color restrictions you know. I was hoping to get an in-depth tutorial so I could do it myself before I send work to clients. I did find this which I posted above - http://www.screensilk.com/2007/01/full-color-screen-printing-with-photoshop/ I was just wondering if this is accurate and if it's how you guys actually do it.
  • collisiontheory

    awesome! now i gotta try that on some designs.

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