so, a client needs 8 1 color designs by monday (I know right) and i'm scrambling for some inspiration to make something interesting within that guideline (print can be big at least)..anyone wanna link some awesome 1 color jams?

plug your own if you got 'em!
  • justinryan

    don't have any examples on hand, but have experienced this a bit in the past. working for poor bands is the worst.

    one color can be cool, if you use the shirt color as a second color in parts of it, you know?
  • derekdeal

    check david witts stuff....nnnnnnnsane one color stuff.but very illustrated

    here's two simple ones i did recently
  • quakerninja

    Just ink and scan .Blacks a color and i've seen your skills something sketchy would look nice.
  • Derisory Designs

    most of my stuff is simple and one color.
  • Joshua Stomberg

    dude, how can you not have seen the best one color on this site?

    I just got this one in the mail, it's my new favorite shirt.
  • andrE w.

    yea his one colors are sick, i love that vampire one.
  • alrightok

    good stuff dudes. yeah, i didn't want to get specific cause i wanted to leave what is possible w/ just one color open. they're sort of a element-ish/brand heavy orange county based company tho..beach/light hearted etc.).

    godmachine has the = problem solving!

    pen+paper does seem like a good solution. thanks for those joe!

    if any of these come out good i'll post 'em up.
  • jfinley

    1 color can just be line drawings of an illustration, or halftoned gradients. There's a lot you can do with just one color. You can fake other shades just by putting lines closer together.

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