so i'm kind of stuck with this one. i dont know if that city scape really work with the zombie girl. imagine it will be on a black tee so the space behind the buildings/girl will be black with some redish clouds.
anyway i dont know if the face details dont get lost in al that red environement. if not the street scape than what would you suggest for the background?
  • quakerninja

    hmm The biggest problem I see is that it's not complete. I mean it just stops at the torso.
    And the girls looks like a dude. The easiest way would be to add a man hole, and boobs.
    or a moon roof of a car, but then you are back to the same problem of the car being cut off at the bottom, or you could add a shit load of shirt to give you some kind of space, and move the whole placement to the bottom of the tee, and have it cropped by the shirt bottom.
  • xul1349

    yeah until the bottom part of the page
  • quakerninja

    Oh well then ask me when it's done. The buildings look fine, the street is way to narrow, but who cares, I expect things in zombie land to be a little warped,and the color is really intense, so that may be a turn off but I like it. It's something different, at any rate anything zombie is an instant win here, you can't possible fuck it up.
  • xul1349

    well i supose you cant eally make the difference between zombie male or female, they are both really messed up.
    still i feel like the zmbi is loosing in the background. at least the face details...
  • quakerninja

    It's just boobs. They are easy to draw, it's like a "w" but pretty.
    You could add some collegiate crap to the shirt and add a pleated skirt, like a schoolgirl out fit, there are lots of creative ways to get out of drawing boring shit.

    The buildings and the zombie are to alike. Maybe make the buildings a different color?
    If you want to keep the same colors, use the hair color for the buildings + shirt color.
    Mock it on a dark shirt and see how much space you have to kill and what have you.

    Seperate them somehow. Color, different strokes, whatever.
    Orange red yellow, is one group, try pink and gray for the second color group.
  • xul1349

    you know that kind of sunset when everything looks redish? well this is why i wanted to look like. if the buildings are [insert hair color name here]that color should absorb the light (being a dark color) and have no red highlights. so i think i will stick to the color scheme. you are wright i must separate here somehow. since the light source would be on the back i might use the white color i used on the face.

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