We had a guest author help contribute a great tutorial to the Go Mediazine. Here's the link:


Hope you like it!
  • derekdeal

    nice! opens a lot of doors, i wonder with the first step if there is a way to keep the pattern from stretching towards the center of the circle. i guess you could always expand it and tweak your curves after the fact.

    this tutorial just made a lot of shepard fairey's stuff seem a lot more achievable.
  • Randomentity

    sick tutorial. definitely going to use this.
  • quakerninja

    Holy cow thats a great technique, I forgot all about the pattern brush, and to think I've been useing the reflection tool like a sucker. I would add you can get some nice demention by duplicating the layer and useing the blend modes and graphic effects. Happy creating everyone. Thanks for haveing that guest on.
  • ThinkBaker

    I like how someone put on there..

    "Goooooooo Media!"

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