here’s mine

1. between the buried and me – colors

2. a wilhelm scream – career suicide

3. enter shikari – take to the skies

4. darkest hour – deliver us

5. circa survive – on letting go

6. the flatliners – the great awake

7. this is a standoff (ex belvedere)
– be excited

8. gallows – orchestra of wolves

9. the weakerthans – reunion tour

10. baroness – red album
  • Kyle Crawford

    i dont have any particular order but

    four year strong
    dance gavin dance
    coheed and cambria
    Every time I die
    horse the band
    the receiving end of sirens
    a day to remember
    armor for sleep
    linkin park (yep im gay)
    the devil wears prada
    august burns red
    oh sleeper
    Thats all I can think of right now. I’ll edit it, as I remember
  • justinryan

  • ReganSmithClarke

    In no particular order:

    Crime In Stereo – Is Dead
    The Secret Handshake – One full Year
    Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass
    Say Anything – In Defense of Genre
    A Wilhelm Scream – Career Suicide
    Shipwreck A.D. – Abyss
    Cobra Starship – Viva La Cobra
    Kanye West – Graduation
    Comeback Kid – Broadcasting
    Dustin Kensrue – Please Come Home

    I think 2006 was better..
  • Colemadethis

    2007 was kinda a slow year. if you havent heard 31knots or battles, you need to.

    31Knots- The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere
    Say Anything- In Defense Of The Genre
    Ratatat- Remixes Vol. II
    Radiohead- In Rainbows
    The Junior Varsity- Cinematogaphic
    Holy Fuck- Holy Fuck EP
    The Dear Hunter- Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading
    Battles- Mirrored
    coconut records- nightimming
  • derekdeal

    Terror said: no order:

    Price Of Existence – All Shall Perish

    that came out summer of 06, amazing album though
  • dobi

    in no order other than moving mountains being number 1…

    moving mountains – pneuma
    attack in black – marriage
    the weakerthans – reunion tour
    crime in stereo – is dead
    the one am radio – this too will pass
    hot rod circuit – underground is a dying breed
    smoke or fire – this sinking ship
    dear and the headlights – small steps, heavy hooves
    tegan and sara – the con
    the most serene republic – population
  • Randomentity

    i still need to get that new minus the bear,shame on me.

    Serj Tankien-Elect the Dead
    Coheed and Cambria-No World for Tomorrow
    Darkest Hour-Deliver Us
    3 Inches of Blood-Fire up the Blades
    Bad Religion-New maps of Hell
  • Kyle Crawford

    im surprised no one had coheed or dance gavin dance. those 2 were my fav cds, but big dirty is def the cd of the year, sorry
  • derekdeal

    IamEZ said: but big dirty is def the cd of the year, sorry

    just downloaded it today, so far so good
  • Chaddoesdesign

    Just Surrender – We’re In Like Sin

    Farewell – Isn’t This Supposed to be Fun?!

    Beneath The Sky – What Demons Do To Saints

    The Maine – The Way We Talk

    Emarosa – This Is Your Way Out

    Bless The Fallen – The Eclectic Sounds Of A City Painted Black and White

    The Wonder Years – Get Stoked On It!

    Brunswick – My Name Is Disaster(this might be in 2006)

    Bela Kiss – The Horde

    Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

    All Time Low – So Wrong It’s Right

    We the Kings(decent) – Self-Titled

    Every Avenue – AH!(EP)

    Before Thier Eyes – (Self-Titled)

    Paramore – Riot!

    Every Time I Die – The Big Dirty

    The Junior Varsity- Cinematogaphic

    Driver Side Impact – The Very Air We Breath

    idk im looking forward to 2008

    The Audition – Champion

    Across Five Aprils – Life Underwater

    Four Letter Lie – What A Terrible Thing To Say

    Every Avenue – Shh, Just Go With It

    and Then emmure sometime next year, thats all i can think of
  • Chaddoesdesign

    IamEZ said: big dirty is def the cd of the year, sorry
    i agree, but the new black is their best song ever
  • wes_allen

    kind of a slow year but heres my top 5
    against me! – new wave
    tegan and sara – the con
    angels and airwaves – i-empire
    jimmy eat world – chase this light
    foo fighters – echoes, silence, patience and grace
  • Chaddoesdesign

    hideouscarwreck said:
    Captain Awesome said:
    Driver Side Impact – The Very Air We Breath

    really good album
    if you like driver side impact you should check out blinded black

    I REFUSE! jk there pretty decent
  • jared

    all time low
    mayday parade
    a day to remember
  • sockmonkee

    these 2 bands pretty much fueled my entire year

    minus the bear
    arctic monkeys
  • miles to go

    i dont listen to too much new stuff it seems anymore but some favorites this past year

    mewithoutyou – brother, sister

    murder by death – el boco lupo

    zolof the rock & roll destroyer – schematics

    arcade fire – neon bible

    a life once lost – iron gag

    birdman & lil wayne – like father like son

    ryan adams – easy tiger and follow the lights ep

    the snake the cross the crown – cotton teeth

    manchester orchestra – im like a virgin losing a child

    the hold steady – boys and girls in america

    heavens – patent pending

    gallows – orchestra of wolves

    the ditty bops – moon over the freeway

    circa survive – on letting go

    the chariot – the fiance

    armalite – self titled

    lifetime – self titled

    portastatic – be still please
  • Joshua Stomberg

    Minus the Bear – Planet of Ice

    Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist (2006, but I love the Deftones cause I hate their music so much when it first comes out then I listen to it a few more times and it always grows to be my favorite stuff, this one took longer than most of their other albums, so it didn’t really hit normal rotation on my headphones till last spring.)

    Blake Lewis – A.D.D.(I’m gunna get soooo much shit for that)

    As I Lay Dying – An Ocean Between Us

    Dream Theater – Systematic Chaos

    Bad Religion – New Maps of Hell

    Authority Zero – 12:34

    But unfortunately The Refused are still broken up, so they’ve missed out on the best album of the year again … but they still hold the ticket for the best album of all time with “the shape of punk to come” JUST AMAZING!

    oh and Periphery ... no album yet, but I found them this year, home recorded math metal and it’s AMAZING. ... makes meshuggah look like tards.
  • derekdeal

    i forgot

    patton oswalt – werewolves and lollipops

    friggin hilarious
  • wes_allen

    thomcat said: i miss the days i could say blink 182 was the album of the year…

    meeeee too!!
  • noFunk

    the new Rocket Summer album ‘Do You Feel’ was my fave of the year! love that damn CD
  • Joshua Stomberg

    jimmyheartcore said:
    sittingduck said:Blake Lewis – A.D.D.(I’m gunna get soooo much shit for that)

    I have it. It’s really good, actually.

    I think he’s outselling Jordin Sparks too.

    yea, I live like 1/2 an hour from him, so he got my attention early on american idol just cause he was from near me, then I noticed the type of stuff he was into and the way he can work beatboxing into a track without sounding like a moron. I was glad he didn’t win, otherwise it would’ve been a shitty album he’d have put out on a contract to them. this way he just did the top 10 tour then made his own. :D
  • Time Without the E

    the almost cd was disapointing for me. i actually wish arron would leave underoath and stick with the almost and underoath gettin harder and better :)

    Tegan and sara cd was amazing. BUT how can noone say Britney Spears! Her new cd “Blackout” is tight. its super upbeat and lots of electro sounds. also forgot kanye! “Graduation” cd was good. Also The Academy is “Santi” , Bright Eyes “Cassadaga”, SILVERSTEIN “Arrivals and Departatures”, The Spill Canvas “No Really, Im Fine” seriously TSC are amazing if you havent checked them out then you must asap!
  • bluetidepro

    well its been hard to think about it, but I’m going to go with….

    1. Now That’s What I Call Music!, Vol. 26

    2. High School Musical 2: The Soundtrack

    3. 100 Sing Along Songs For Kids (3 Disc Box Set)

    4. Kidz Bop 12

    5. A Christmas Together (Limited Edition by John Denver

    6. Magic by Bruce Springsteen

    7. My December by Kelly Clarkson

    8. Futuresex/ Lovesounds by Justin Timberlake

    9. The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani

    10. Come now sleep by as cities burn

  • andrE w.

    2 words

    really, who doesnt love wu tang clan? that tribute song to ODB, if it didnt make you wanna cry ur a bastard

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