man, i don’t have time for this shit.

and plenty others by that seller.

does anyone know anything about the “ROCKY” brand? they have been ripping off stuff of mine for awhile.
  • horsebites

    Wow! That’s nuts. I can’t express how mad I would be. I also have no clue how to handle matters like these. Can you put out a cease and desist? I mean, the work is SO RIPPED from you there’s no argument.
  • derekdeal

    Im not even involved and it pisses me off. this pops up on gigposters a lot, i think you can notify ebay on top of serving a cease and desist.From what ive heard they’ll take it down if there is a dipute over ownership.
  • dobi

    this happens to me on ebay all the time believe it or not, mostly overseas which makes it a PAIN IN THE ASS because i have no way of contacting them through their shops since i can’t login because i don’t have a UK (or german) account.

    total bullshit.

    ebay took down a store last time, but it isn’t like i can take time out to search for this stuff. the root of all evil is this “ROCKY” brand but i can’t find a thing about them anywhere. all i can find is rocky balboa tees.
  • Kyle Crawford

    order a shirt, look at the address on the box when you get it, and kill kill kill

    Fucking sucks, sorry man.
  • Joshua Stomberg

    what the fuck? I’m with ya dobi! that’s bullshit!
  • miles to go

    you can still contact ebay stating that you are the intellectual copyright owner of the image and they will remove it from their page and show your contact info if they want to get in touch with you. if they repost it, you can report them again and it suspends their ebay account.
  • miles to go

  • miles to go

    its on the bottom of the item page near where youd make a bid
  • Ben Danger

    grimy motherfuckin swaggerjackers
  • dobi

  • Joshua Stomberg

    wow, I hope someday I’m big enough to be worth copying in thailand. dobi, you should prolly go to tijuana mexico and see if they have any of your stuff there too … you’ll have to check in person there, i don’t think they have the internets. haha.
  • dobi

    i found one ebay store has a domain registered to this thai guy in vienna VA, my wife has family there and we are going down in a few weeks, i have his address, i should go beat the shit out of him and demand to speak to Mr. Rocky.
  • dobi

    thing is, he isn’t the main guy, he probably assumes these are legit tees. he is only selling a handful of shirts from “ROCKY” who print the tees who knows where(i’ve heard of people seeing them everywhere from thailand to the netherlands)

    they are basically a giant brand that consists of stolen tees (they have ripped threadless and banksy as well)

    of course the problem is getting a lawyer etc and actually going through with stuff. what a headache.
  • miles to go

    with an overseas lawsuit it would be really hard, im telling you, disable their store and suspend them, you cut off their most important thing…making money. they will be suspended for at least a month and during holidays thats big bucks $$$$
  • jfinley

    Post this here:

    Maybe it will get more attention? Write a blog about it and submit it to news sites.
  • labyrinth

    that is so fucking ridiculous.
  • Chaddoesdesign

    who is this rocky any who, does he have a buddy named Bullwinkle, is his last name balboa, and why does he suck so
  • thewebguy

    try this:

    contact the UK sellers. tell them that you know some of the items they sell are counterfeits, but that you also know that they just bought them from a distributor.

    tell them there is a reward for helping you get to the bottom of it. work your way up the chain.

    getting a lawyer would not be worth it, copyright doesn’t even effectively exist in china (which is where these are probably being made). if you want to file a complaint with the WTO, you’ll have to get in line behind the MAFIAA.

    also, i’ve seen that streetlight guy jacked before. i think the guy just turned him sideways and cut out the light.

    who did that again?
  • dobi

    haha, someone who posts here, but that was ages ago, and his stuff has since gotten 10x better.

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