• againstbound

    I like these.
  • isaboa

  • Ben Danger

  • G-rant

    I refuse to say Hip-Hop student...I'll go with streetwear hahaha
  • jsheldon

    These are spot-on!
  • valorandvellum

    Hahahahaha!! That's great. I think I went to school with all of those people.
  • swissarmyshark

    jaynajaynajayna said: I think I was mostly kind of an asshole student is there one for that

  • Sam Kaufman

    reminds me of
  • jublin

    lol at "average shoes, make no noise"
  • wotto

    very cool illustrations and crazy good stereotyping. They missed constantly drunk student though.
  • jeremiah was a

    wotto said: very cool illustrations and crazy good stereotyping. They missed constantly drunk student though.

    I was looking for someone to label myself under, and you hit the head on the nail with that one
  • Bob Kawa

    average student right here
    but i know a student from each one of these
    and their so spot on
  • Tom Philibeck

    I'm basically an average/good student, but with longer hair and metal-core t-shirts.

    But I know so many people who fit into these categories.
  • jublin

    why is there no Trendy/Outside-the-box student?
    my art program was pretty much full of ONLY those types of snobs.
  • Hison

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  • rexsi666

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  • micalsmith

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