Hey Guys! I been doing graphic design on my own for the better part of 10 years… im self taught so the first few years were pretty slow on the production side… I got into doing print design ( flyers posters business cards etc ) then hooked up with an independent hip hop act doing all the promotions and I am now lookin to set up my very first line… just lookin for some insiders insight ANYTHING is appreciated…
  • Acid

  • litoQ

  • miles to go

    check http://www.t-shirtforums.com/

    a wealth of info if you search around for a while on actual screen printing, etc.
  • litoQ

    thanks miles to go… def will check ‘em out
  • collisiontheory

    Futureshirts said: I make apparel and I would be happy to help… check my site too:

    emailed you about something. =)

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