So many people dont have avatar .

and if you dont have one GET ONE NOW

it makes the place look untidy
  • horsebites

    For some reason, my brain saw "nudity" instead of "untidy" and it still almost made sense!
  • Hays

    Yes nudity" is a better word !
  • Acid

    Maybe that can be in the resources section... like an e from the emptees logo.
  • Kolby

    There are sooooo many people here though that seemed to have logged in for one day and never came back.
  • quakerninja

    here is a free placeholder Basic RGB
  • Hays

    quakerninja said: here is a free placeholder Basic RGB

    haha Jimmy can you give everyone a avatard one.
  • MichaelLoSauro

    Jimmy seriously do the avatard one.

    That should actually be the default avatar to give people extra incentive to get a real one.
  • Hays

    so looks like some avatards took note
  • mankell

    I cannot submit my avatar. This site is just ridiculous.

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