and i'm actually not promoting my shirt... anyone want to give me quotes on getting that printed though? Jimmy? someone?
  • Randomentity

    Pearls To Pigs said: my butthole has a full set of teeth.

    ps - that was the weirdest thing i've ever seen or heard about in my entire life, and i grew up on the internet- so thats saying a lot. hahaha

    it's actually to promote Teeth, sadly it's not real.
  • Randomentity

    jimmyheartcore said: Yeah man, send me an email. I'll do it for ya.

    email sent
  • Birdie31

    so this isnt real..?
  • sockmonkee

    so...does this mean she has cavities and can't floss?

    and btw...this is the most disturbing video i've ever watched.
  • SHTexclamation

    what the fuck?!!!
  • Randomentity

    Pearls To Pigs said: i found a pic of it:

    you found my fleshlight!!!!!????
  • Randomentity

    i just saw TEETH last night. it's pretty damn good.
  • Randomentity

    i didn't find it freaky, but then again, i'm a weirdo.

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