low end base ass base model:
2.0ghz intel core 2 duo, 1gb ram, etc

those suckers accidentally gave me a wireless mouse / kb though. merry christmas to me, love steve jobs.

but srsly i’m going to use the wireless ones for a week or two and see if i haven’t killed myself yet, and then maybe trade for wired. i don’t like the idea of the smaller keyboard, and i have historically hated the mighty mouse (idea is great but i feel like it just doesn’t respond well).

also it came with leopard. after all that hype, i still don’t really know what awesome features i should be trying out.

what does everyone love about leopard so far?
  • thewebguy

    i’m liking spaces so far too. i used virtuedesktops before and loved it—spaces has a few less features it seems, but it works better than virtue!
  • thewebguy

    mitchbones said: I loved having multiple desktops on my linux box.

    I want a macbook so bad.

    tell me you’re not designing t-shirts with gimp..
  • seansteez

    Funny how you say ass base model, nothing apple makes is ass. The lowest model is pretty awesome.
  • thewebguy

    mitchbones said: Xara Extreme is free for linux. I honestly couldn’t get used to gimp.

    How hard is it to get used to no right mouse button

    come on man, apple has had right clicking for like a decade, as long as your mouse has a right button. the new mac mice have right mouse buttons anyway though.
  • seansteez


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