So we’ve been searching for a good designer to join the Go Media team this past month and a half. We’ve got our share of good candidates, but nobody that really stands out. Our top candidate took another job offer in LA so we’re still looking.

So I thought I’d post here. And you guys may know someone that I don’t.

If anyone here is interested, send your stuff (5 samples of your best work or links to your website(s), resume, etc) to

Here are the open positions we’re looking to fill:

  • Graphic Designer / Illustrator

  • Flash Developer

  • XHTML / CSS Nerd

Any combination of the above is a plus.

We are NOT looking for freelancers, so please don’t email if you’re not willing to move to Cleveland.

So if you are interested, email me at and we’ll chat about all the other details then.
  • derekdeal

    i never thought id say this…..but i wish i could move to cleveland.
  • Joshua Stomberg

    I’m TOTALLY willing to move to cleveland!
  • jfinley

    altairdesigns said: i never thought id say this…..but i wish i could move to cleveland.

    Haha yeah I can’t imagine saying that on any other circumstance! Although I’ve lived in NE Ohio my entire life, so I can’t look at it any other way…
  • labyrinth

    im def looking to eventually do something like that.
    in 2 years i have a co-op program that will allow me to go anywhere pretty much to get a job for 6 months or a year. so hopefully then my skills will develop and ill contact you haha.
  • seansteez

    i’d move, but pay would have to be pretty damn good.
  • Randomentity

    If only i was good. and could move, sigh.

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