I’m looking for people (they should be on here…) that are interested in working with me as a graphic designer. I’m currently working on starting up a new project that features cross-border graphic design for showposters & promotional graphic design. I’m sick and tired of all the ‘normal’ show posters in the hc & metal ‘scene’ these days, so I’m interested if there are any people here who’d love the idea of thinking ‘out of the box’. With that I mean posters that could be folded back to promotional booklets, pure typographical posters, designing in a more Academic style, I want it to be something more than just a poster with something on it, I want things to be multifunctional.

Posters/booklets that can be folded, ripped apart, re-used, bend back, working with new paper styles, paper weights/colors and paper sizes.

I also realize that the costs of printing/folding/working this out, could be running higher then the costs for a normal poster or promotional design for the clients, but you’ll have something special, something that leaves an impression on your customer, right?

Please let me know if anyone is interested, I would love to get some unconventional designs out there…

in hope to receive some return
Martijn Leenaers

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