Hello fellas! I am new guy in town!

As the title said.. I am still new in designing t shirt and I have a small clothing business.. So far I've designed and printed 4 designs.. I have been using Adobe Illustrator for it..

For me it is kinda hard to make a complex design on Illustrator..and I do understand that it should have been better as vector will keep the design quality regarding the sizes of the design and details..

I have just tried Clip Studio Paint and I think the inking feels more natural. And I do like the brushes too. I think I can produce drawing like I've been drawing on paper (I am struggling to get the same outcome on Illustrator)


So back to my question, is it possible to use Clip Studio Paint for t shirt printing?? I am afraid that all the small details like thin line would brings an issue to the t shirt printer as the design is in pixels. I am using silkscreen printing method.. The size of the design should be around A3 size...

Please let me know anything regarding this matter! I am currently thinking of giving up because I am not an expert in Illustrator.. it will took me like weeks to satisfy with my design!

Thank you for your time! SOrry for the long post! And stay safe guys!
  • atumclothing

    I like PaintShop pro. a lot of these designers use it .

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