This is Zepper Store, we sell funny crazy t-shirts in typography designs and phone cases on various typography designs.
As a beginner, we need a suggestion for our different designs for phone cases and T-shirts. The reason for being in this community is that we will find our answers here. So we decided to ask the members of this forum for suggestions. Every suggestion is highly appreciated.

See our designs via mobile phone cases here:

Currently, we are into the mobile back cover printing business and we plan to expand our horizon in the t-shirt printing business as well. We would like your help and support so that we all can grow and expand. We will need designers and illustrators who can design creative and artistic work and at the same time can also create graphics that are appealing amongst youths.
  • chriskillerartworx

    niche business. believe me.
  • Kambey


    My name is Atanas Stoykov – a professional experienced freelance 2D
    Digital Artist.

    I have 8 years of experience working as a freelance game and concept
    artist on a variety of projects with companies from UK, USA, Russia,
    Ukraine, Hong Kong and etc.

    I have a background in everything from Concept artwork, Game assets,

    Hidden Object Games environment Art ,Character concept Art ,Slot Games
    Art, Card Games Art,

    Book covers,T-shirt Designs and etc. Please check out my portfolio samples on -


    It would be a pleasure to work on your projects.
  • cruise

    my advice is to hire an art director. sure, you might find some folks to give you what you (think you) want here, but realize that there's a prestigious title in design & advertising agencies known as the "Art Director". i'd just hire one of those and solve this issue for yourself forever. good art directors aren't cheap and cheap art directors aren't good.
  • Sunny

    Yoc can check the new designs from astro shirts for men http://www.astrocollection.net/shirts/. It might be helpful for you.

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