oh man, i haven't been here in a minute.

anyway, chris porras AKA getfreeco aka @getfreeco aka @yung_aux AKA http://getfreeco.us stole work of mine from 15 years ago, i called him out on twitter and he quickly blocked me on all forms of social media.

currently waiting on him to pay an invoice i emailed him, once paid this post will be deleted.

figure i'd post this here since mintees still has great SEO.




  • Cameron Latham

    Dude removed the "stolen design" video from their YouTube, but it's still on Twitter - https://twitter.com/GetFreeCo/status/965040506764963840

    TL;DW is someone else also made a long-sleeve design with snake clip art on it. 101 views and seems to believe that it will keep the brand "more relevant".

    Just another lame dude making lame wave-riding streetwear, which is currently packed full with rips and "homages".

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