My wife did this and she's a beginner so be easy... Personally I thought it's pretty funny.

I hope it's okay to throw this out there, but if any of you designers do simple shirt designs for around $50-$75, let me know.

You can see our other shirt styles to see if your style fits.
  • Cameron Latham

  • RNation

    I'm not sure what your getting at...

    But I remember you, we did an article with some graphic design guys a couple years ago, maybe you rememeber this one?
  • dobi

    he is trying to tell you the shirt is hot garbage. he is right.
  • RNation

    You know, constructive criticism is good as long as you provide something constructive, otherwise your just exposing how miserable you are. Have fun with that.
  • xod03

    This is mintees, we don't beat around the bush `round here.

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