So just to kind of start things off, I have been visiting this site for a real long time now. I have done a bit of design work myself over the years but nowhere as good as most on this site, and I have hired quite a few artists as a result of this rad place.


I am a Metal / Hardcore show promoter and one of the hardest things to get a hold of sometimes is a decent design or designer for show flyers. Occasionally I will mess with hip hop or indie artists but my main schpeil is Metal/Hardcore.

I was basically just thinking that a lot of you have designs that sit for sale for a long time and some of them would be rad to use as a flyer. BUT here is the thing, the flyer is used once and then forever forgotten and never really seen outside of my city in the Northwest of USA. Most of these shows don't generally bring in tons of money - and usually just smaller all age shows or bar shows. I mean, the big wig bands have their own tour admat anyways, so making my own flyer for them isn't necessary most of the time.

But it seems ridiculous to pay $150 for a design for a flyer when the bands will likely only get paid like $75 each and the door cover is only $5. Not trying to down play the importance and craft of your work - but let's say I use a design of yours - doctor it a tad to fit text and whatnot - pay you a little $$ - and then you can still sell that design as a T-Shirt later down the road. Because why do I care? I used it once for a flyer, put it on a shirt or some jacket for all I care. And will the buyer ever see the flyer I made using your design? Probably not. Then you make a little bit of money and still able to sell the design.

Usually my budget for a flyer design is anywhere from $30 to $50 for a really good design. I mean, if I can get it cheaper that's rad too because you know, more for the bands that are playing. This all seems pretty reasonable to me and hopefully this doesn't come off as unethical to many of you fantastic artists, but after all said and done we're helping each other out in the long run, right?

With this in mind, would anyone be willing to help a brother out? The designers in my neck of the woods have no idea what they're doing when it comes to design style for this genre of music...

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