Hey guys,

This is going to be a long post, but I would love your feedback on it.

My name is Hicham and I'm the owner of print-on-demand company called Subliminator. So we have an app that integrates with the ecommerce platform Shopify. Sellers can use our app to create and sell all-over printed products such as hoodies, leggings and blankets. So with every order they get we automatically manufacture and ship the product directly to their customers.

Within our app we have a "free designs catalog" where our in-house team created free designs that sellers can simply select and sell. These free designs have been sold 1000+ times by various shop owners. Below a screenshot of what that catalog looks like:

We're looking to expand this service by offering paid designs in this catalog. And this is where your help is needed in both advise and a possible option to have you added as one of the designers.

The designs are applied on one of our products, so it has to follow our design templates, so we can present product mockups to the sellers and not flat design images.
So I currently have 3 options on how to do this, and I would love to hear from you guys what you would find most interesting:

Your designs are sold for a flat fee of $5 where the shop owner only get's the ability to publish the product and sell the product. They do NOT get any rights to the design nor any design files. So you get paid when a product is published by a shopowner.

Your designs are FREE to publish, but you get $1 royalty of each sale that is made with your design. (Keep in mind that good designs easily can be sold a couple of thousand times in the print-on-demand industry). Again they do NOT get any rights to the design nor any design files.

This 3rd option can be linked to option #1 and #2. This is when you publish a new design in the catalog, that it becomes available for 48 hours to be sold at a fixed price. So 1 shop owner has the ability to exclusively buy that design from you to the price of your liking, on which you transfer the rights of it upon payment.

Let me know what you guys think. And if you have other suggestions of how this could work even better then I'm open to talk about that as well.

Thank you!
  • goodjava

    A very interesting offer for designers here.

    In our opinion, maybe you can consider two systems between the company and the designer.

    1. Royalty system, so a designer can get full royalties from every design sold (how many do you choose, according to what you specify). As well as transferring a copyright design. So a design is fully sold for your company or buyer

    2. Percentage system, a designer gets a percentage (30-40% for example) of every product sold with designer designs here.

    Hopefully you can respond.
    I am very open with your suggestions.
  • Subliminator

    Hi Goodjava,

    A percentage system of 30-40% is pretty much impossible. No shopowner will agree to that. They have their own costs of facebook advertisement to worry about, which already gives them a small profit margin per product sold. If they then have to transfer over 40% of that to the designer then this is doomed to fail from the start :)

    Personally I think the ability to sell a design multiple times for a fixed amount, let's say $15, without transferring the design files is a really good option.

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