I'm looking for an artist with style. he/she we select to create our personal branded line could be you today, or it could be you tomorrow. ether way, I expect to be working with 3-5 new artist by the end of the year.

How to be selected by Mr.Cobrilla.
1. The price must be low (I know, hate me)
2. There must be a consistency in your style
3. There needs to be an NDA

As the brand's name grows, so will the reputation, and we have revealing strategies. We are confident that the business will continue to grow, and hopefully with you. We are too, confident that we will be able to increase compensation per design. If you can't work like this, peace!

but if you can, it could be something great as we travel together.

contact freefromgreed@gmail.com
  • chriskillerartworx

    > http://www.mintees.com/jobs

    on a personal note: if number 1 on the "to be selected list" is a low price, then one has a good impression where this business leads to.
  • Cameron Latham

  • EricAbstruse

    I sell my designs for $10. I think we would work well together.
  • jodilopez

    all is see is this.
  • walterraphael

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