It's been quite a long time since I have been on these forums. But since this community is what really got me into t-shirts and design I felt I needed to come back and share that I have finally started my own clothing brand.

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GLOOM LIGHT - The flickering light of hope that lives within the darkness. This is represented by our firefly logo mark, where the eye peeking from under the wings symbolizes the act of seeking.

The theme of the brand is based around the idea that we must "seek the light" in our lives in order to overcome the darkness that surrounds us.

My website is up but I currently have the store under construction until I have pre-orders ready. I hope to have shirts in hand by the end of August/Early September.

For the first few releases, I will be doing the shirt designs, but I'd really like to get more diverse designs into the mix from other designers later down the road!

I know its been FOREVER since I've been on here but this community has always been the best!

Thanks for looking :)

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