Hey T-Shirt Designers!

I wanted to Drop By and give you a Heads Up on something you may or may not be aware of. Or? Maybe you're aware of it but haven't Throttled it yet.

Facebook has further Developed their Facebook Notes! You can now Create Blog Style Posts with them!

If you're interested? You can;

1) See an Example of one.. (with all the Bells and Whistles) and?
2) You can Learn How to do it.. with this Tutorial!


P.S. [I'm unable to (Watch Thread) because I can't change my Mintees Email yet. So if you Comment here? I won't be Notified. But I will swing by for the next few days to check.]

P.S.S [Too? You can Comment in the Tutorial if you want! I Will get that!] Loveya! ~ Jim

iframes are not allowed :(

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