I'm a member since emptees days (circa 2010ish) and still active. The thing is, I have this post amount limit on my account to only 5 posts. Is there anyway to lift this without being on auto-approve? Cause I'm not really asking for that if I'm not worthy of it.

All I ask is to lift the post limit. I'm uploading around 2-3 or more designs a month and then I post them to the 'design for sale' thread and I reach my limit pretty much there. I'll be waiting for hours before I can post again and I keep forgetting to get back in to upload more cause I have to attend to other stuff most of the time. I'd like to keep posting more designs here cause mintees still brings in clients for me and I'm forever grateful to this site.

If the only way to get past the post limit is being on auto-approve, can someone take a look at my folio if I'm good enough? Is there someone who still manages the approval section? Not asking for this if there are other ways, but it would be awesome nonetheless.

I'm not one of those who just spam post rando designs here and there. I only upload stuff that I really worked on seriously.

I'm very reluctant to ask this. Been keeping myself from posting this for months now. lol

But I really hope someone could take a look at this. Thank you and long live mintees!

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