Hi everyone, Ive been a long time member, although I havent posted in some years Ive always kept and eye out for the amazing designs that come up everyday.

This is the place that started my graphic design career im in now and I respect the words from the artists on here alot so I wanted to bring forward something thats been grinding at me.

Recently someone off facebook has been actively advertising self drawn Rick and Morty merchandise on Etsy, although it does say “Fan Made” in the desciption it does not in the Title.

He’s claiming that its perfectly fine to be doing this without the full consent or having paid copyright fees etc.

personally coming from a comunity like this feel that this is morally wrong for someone to take a already established brand ( especially a currently very popular one ) and making money off its trail.

I just want to know some honest thoughts.

Thank you
  • dbdesign

    When you say "someone on facebook"...I feel like the real question you want to ask is..."Hey guys, I've been doing these drawings of Trademarked characters and selling them, and I want to know if I can get in trouble?" (haha)

    Anyway man, just google it. The answer is no- but it's tolerated for the most part, because majority of fan art is DeviantArt junk anyway.

  • Cameron Latham

    Just change a couple things on the characters, call it a "parody" or "homage" instead of "fan art", and you'll be sorted.
  • JoeBaronDesign

    If he doesn't have the license then it's illegal. "Fan made" doesn't mean anything when it comes to him selling unlicensed work. If he put it in his portfolio and didn't sell it, sure, he's a fan showing homage. It's possible that he may never get a cease and desist letter, then again he may.
  • Matt Borchert

    Copyright infringement is copyright infringement, and they could absolutely sue you into the ground if they want to.

    This is advice from a lawyer regarding fan games, but same thing applies:

    “My advice is simply don’t do it,” asserts Morrison. “But if you really want to, you should go out and ask for permission and get a license and get an approval to do it. Without that, you’re just asking to have all your work thrown away and potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars in extreme situations. It’s absolutely not advisable. There’s no safe way to do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s free. It doesn’t matter if it’s given away. None of the above matters. It’s not allowed, so my advice is don’t do it.”

    Also you don't even have to make money from the thing for the people to sue you for stupid money. You're taking content without permission, and there are set amounts to the damages they can seek.
  • JoeWSE

    not me doing it lol

    The story is that he Draws Ricky and Morty Cards for christmas V-day etc. sells them on Etsy

    someone else took his design and printed it onto T-shirts and Mugs and started selling it on Etsy also, so he voiced his anger on how "its wrong to steal others work' on Facebook.

    I found the irony too strong, so I slammed him about it on facebook and the person and their friends basically started defending themselves and said that its fine because its labelled as fan art and they see no harm in making money off it because its RICK AND MORTY and the creators are sooo cool about it etc etc
    but someone else using his work is a complete crime and should be stopped.

    to name the guy - his Etsy store is called SamuelHagueArt - mostly rick and morty rip offs.

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