it looks like all kind of flowers are spread on designs all over the place nowadays - sometimes combined with skulls and an old english font..

so when has bandmerch gotten so generic and predictable?
  • camoshop

    maybe bands are following trend forecast websites which create trends from pinterest etc etc to get their inspo. Its become very commercial looking or more fashion based from what i've seen lately .
  • Cameron Latham

    Band merch has always been about a year or so behind "fashion", as long as I've noticed. Flowers were everywhere in fashion brand graphics, embroidery, etc. from around the end of 2016 into 2017. The Old English font on everything comes from Kanye's Pablo merch, which I figured would have died out by now, but is still going strong in merch briefs.

    As for skulls, skulls will always be a thing in the band merch world. I think they saw a larger spike in popularity with younger bands due to 80s metal/90s grunge merch becoming a fashion trend; also coming from Kanye merch, but Yeezus this time around.

    On the other hand, it's also the influx of designers/illustrators with a "flash/traditional tattoo" style flooding the market. It was cool about a year ago, but now everyone does it.

    TL;DR - Once fashion finds a new graphic trend, things will shake up again (hopefully).

    i think ist also about what the designer likes. i speak for myself and can say i just like flowers in bandmerch. it´s stuff what i would buy myself. so its normal that i use a lot flowers in my designs.

    but of course there will come times other elements will be strong in merchdesigns.
  • JoeBaronDesign

    You have to remember, people are trying to sell their goods. If that is what sells then they'll continue to do that.

    Skulls will never die, it may go down a bit as people get tired of it, but it'll be around. Another thing with skulls is how can you make it different, maybe the heavy illustrated skulls aren't in and best to go very simple. If it's done well people will buy a tee with a skull on it.

    Flowers is another image that will not go out of style. Floral pattern prints may be a bit excessive at times, but people use a flower if it adds to the apparel or design.

    The old english font that is being used now is from the Kanye collection, but it was also used in the early 2000's. It slowed down a bit to pop up again after Kanye's shirts. That will probably die down a bit as I don't think many buyers are stocking them, unless they're from a well known company.

    There will always be a new trend. The handlettered style has been in full force from what I've seen. It just depends on the client and what they're looking for. Trends will come and go. The "newest" trend I've seen is the band's logo being split with two different graphics put together. It looks good if it is done well. ACDC had a pretty design with that look.

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