So, I got TOTD with 14 likes. A month or so ago, designs were getting TOTD with 4-5 likes, so maybe an uptick in users? Good stuff.

Went to check who liked it by clicking the number on the front page (which auto-likes it apparently; so excuse the self-like that I can't unlike because Mintees). Noticed the majority is profiles with jumbled names and similar avatars.

You go to their pages and it's all just random words; maybe SEO bots set up by someone? Who knows.

Figured it was worth bringing up while Kaufman's status has people lurking again.
  • Sam Kaufman

    Interesting. Looks like my recent TOTD has a lot of the likes from the same sorta profiles too.
  • chriskillerartworx

    same here.
  • Cameron Latham

    I'm just curious how they got here. Who spent the time to make SEO bots on Mintees of all places?

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