I'm new here.
Are there any people who really buy designs? Or is the main audience of the site made up of designers?
Than this site is better than microstock (for example, the creativemarket)?
  • Aldiova

    mintees is the world's top tee design community.
    The people who interesting with artist work will calling by an e-mail for hiring after look at their portfolios.
  • hulkey_yar

    Thanks for the answer. How much people calling by an e-mail for hiring after look at portfolios on mintees?
  • dobi

    the interesting artist calling will work after mintees portfolio is by an e-mail.
  • leslycap

    Where do you make your designs? I make mine at RafTshirt.com. I recommend visiting that site.
  • hulkey_yar

    leslycap said:
    ??? ?? ??????? ???? ????????
    ? ??????????? ?? RafTshirt.com. ? ?????????? ???????? ???? ????.

    DesignByHumans and TeePublic

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