Our boy Dov is back. Anyone tried printing or wearing these shirts yet? I'd be interested in giving them a try, I noticed today one of my wholesale accounts carries them. Let me know if you've had your hands on one and what your thoughts were!

Some of the seem work look massive online, seemed kind of weird. But who knows!
  • Sotare

    I haven't ordered yet, but will be ordering a few here soon. I want to test print on them and see how they work, feel, and last. TSC Apparel carries them. My sales rep said they were basically the same thing as American Apparel, but I've seen others comment that the shirts will be heavier than AA. For me, AA was the best shirt blanks. I loved the cut and feel; and the fact that they were all made in America is something I personally value. With them being outsourced now, I will be switching to another made in America blank once my current AA stock runs out.

    I'm excited about trying out That's Los Angeles- looks promising!

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