The company I work for is looking to build a little sample store where we showcase our printing ability. What we lack in creativity we make up in print quality.

We are looking for artists that would be willing to send us print ready art that can showcase our printing ability so unique designs where we could do some mixed ink types, plastisol, discharge, HSA, silicon, specialty inks, ect.

You retain full rights to the artwork (we can edit as we see fit with approval), we credit you the designer on our web store, and we will send you 20 shirts (in US) at no cost.

If anyone has some rad designs laying around that you would be willing to let us print and get 20 shirts out of the deal send them to
  • Rockhart

    Nice to see a fellow Portlander on Mintees! I think I have a design or two laying around that I could send your way...

    For anyone wondering, OSI is a solid company that does great work. I've used them a couple times through my 9-5 design job over the years and they're pretty great.

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