We are proud to announce our second generation of Beast, we had an amazing welcoming for our first one, this is the first part of the line, we will continue to launch shirts, shorts and some other surprise along this year. We hope you enjoy this launch as much as we did!


World wide delivery!
  • Obscure

    Sorry to some harsh... bud it looks very amateur. The lifestyle shot looks like it's going to be a brand like Rebel 8 and then you click through and its not a very good mockup and just one product. It's not a collection if it's one product.

    Maybe build it up a bit more and then relaunch with that?

    Hop this helps and im not trying to be horrible about anything just truthful.
  • Cameron Latham

    Why are you still using TN Mockup Kit V2 for your product images? With the stock background even?

    Get some real product shots or at the very least, a mockup that hasn't been used by every amateur "_____ Apparel/Clothing" since 2009.

    I agree with the above. One product, especially presented as you have, isn't really "launch" worthy.

    Also, the store header probably shouldn't look like this:

  • RottenApples

    Super good advice from both of you, and it's more of a launch for this year, this whole year will be "Generation II", little by little. The other thing, I know its a super used mock up, and will do product shots but, how do you manage to make product shots with a pre sale item? Any advice on that?
  • Obscure

    Take a picture of a t shirt and photoshop the graphic.... or use google. There is literally 100's you can use and cut up to make your own.
  • dbdesign

    "We hope you enjoy this launch as much as we did!"

    What exactly are you launching? The 1 design I see here is a pre-order only and doesn't even ship for another month. Why not just wait to launch it until you have the physical products? Makes no sense. You don't make money on an apparel company by selling items that you do not have, you will constantly be behind.

    Your logo, as mentioned looks very similar to Rebel 8, I don't like that at all.

    Now, the design, that is weak as well. "FAT, SLOW & LAZY" on the shirt. No one wants to wear that on a T-shirt and it adds nothing to the design. I suggest you remove it. The mockups you are using are bad. If you're going to use a mockup you better be using it skillfully enough that it tricks people into thinking that it's the actual printed apparel. You need to greatly improve your designs and branding, overall.

    To sum it up, right now your brand says "I have T-shirt ideas, but I can't afford to get them printed, so I made mockups and put them up for pre-order."
  • RONIN78

    Seems like I remember on the first Beast shirt you did,there was a background pic of actual lineman? Am I remembering wrong? You should have that pic as your background pic. I'm confused as to why it's a bus.
  • Sotare

    I think it's supposed to be like you're on the bus on the way to the game.

    What happened to the main Rotten Tomatoes brand? I went on the site and you only have 2 designs left. Are you quitting that to do BEAST?
  • RottenApples

    The logo will keep on updating as the generations grow, each year we will make a new logo for a unique generation of tshirts and lineman, the only consistent logo will be the RottenApples one, as this is my by Rotten Apples. I started uploading more and more football related pics to our facebook and instagram pages https://www.facebook.com/RottenApplesMX/

    Sotare said:I think it's supposed to be like you're on the bus on the way to the game.

    What happened to the main Rotten Tomatoes brand? I went on the site and you only have 2 designs left. Are you quitting that to do BEAST?

    For the time I'm focusing on the Beast side of the brand, just signed as a college football coach here in México, so I've got a lot of audience everyday to aim for.

    Slow process because of the imports of the tshirts, the PreSale has been working well for me, not too much shirts but I'm not keeping almost any inventory plus no initial invest.

    It's almost like a personal project, being an OL myself I always wanted something made exclusively made for us, offensive lineman have been always the "fat, lazy and slow" ones of any team, even if they have to be smarter, faster and stronger than most of the Defense, it's a rear combo of atributes, yet they are still target of "bullying".

    No OL or big guy feels comfortable anywhear, if you are 1.90 280-320+ pounds, you don't fit in any seat, clothing or car, but for football you are the correct size to do great things, the only place where you don't have to shrink or make yourself smaller, football field is where any big dude can be a giant.

    Thank you all for your reponses, support, comments and any critics, hope all is well!
  • Sushilove

    Didn't know people play american football in Mexico...
  • RottenApples

    Sushilove said:Didn't know people play american football in Mexico...

    I've played two times vs USA All Stars Div III in a yearly bowl known as "Tazón Azteca/Aztec Bowl", México won the past Football University Championship vs USA too.

    Long time tradition in México, the first tournament was in like 1930

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