For reasons unknown to me I've been reminiscing about Emptees lately. After 8 years, my log in still worked and I figured I'd come say hi.

Emptees played an interesting role in the development of Goodie Two Sleeves. Even though we started in 2002, Emptees was such a touchstone for creativity and energy.

We hired a full time in house designer through Emptees who stayed with us for years. We were called out on some accidental shenanigans on Emptees. We met some awesome designers and understood, quite solidly, that there is a world of amazing talent out there.

Since I was last here, we've been working hard at our niche, which is (mostly) clean funny t-shirts.

We've added a lot of licensed designs to our roster, which have grown our business a lot.

We do private label for Disney, NBC, and Cirque du Soliel, but our heart is still in funny t-shirts.

At any rate, perspective is always important to keep us growing. I thought I'd open myself up for some honest feedback. Whether you think we're doing something right or wrong, I'd like to hear it.

Plus, if you have any questions yourself, I'm down to answer.

Here's what I'd really love to hear:

1) Suggestions on how to improve our site

2) Designs you like / dislike

3) Your own stories about your brands' own successes or failures.

I mostly want to see what everyone's up to and get some constructive criticism in the meantime. You can check out our site here:
  • Endgame Clothing

    I too have been reminiscing about Emptees lately. Even though I was always more of a lurker than a regular, this site is the only place on the internet that I have ever truly cared about the people inhabiting it. There was just so much amazing talent combined with so many interesting personalities. Most are still around but are now working in their own separate Instagram cubicles. It's just not the same. Much like being best friends in high school and years later just nodding and saying "what's up" as you pass by them on the street. I'll double tap and like your Instagram post and maybe even put in a little extra effort to leave a comment with some stupid emoji, but there is no real connection. So sad.

    When I started lurking in 2008, I knew absolutely nothing other than I wanted to make some chess t-shirts. With the exception of my screenprinter, who I knew through a friend, every single aspect of Endgame came from Emptees/Mintees. I don't think I would be able to do that again if I was to start today. With Emptees, the info and the people were all in one place and the everyone was happy to give advice. You might need some thick skin to hear the advice but it was always there.

    Anyway, your site looks great and is easy to navigate. Not sure I have any suggestions for improvement there (especially when my own site needs a face lift).

    I got a nice chuckle from your Element of Surprise and Dinosaur Selfie designs.

    Are all of your sales directly from the website or do you also wholesale? If you do wholesale, what percentage of total sales comes from wholesale vs website?

    Thanks for checking in!
  • gabroll

    Yeah, it's weird, right? The isolation of maturity? The loneliness of social media?

    Anyways, thanks for the reply.

    Are all of your sales directly from the website or do you also wholesale? If you do wholesale, what percentage of total sales comes from wholesale vs website?

    Our direct to consumer sales (website, etsy, amazon, etc) make up about 4% of our total business. Most of the rest is wholesale to stores like Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, etc.

    It's nice to see a familiar name here!
  • Endgame Clothing

    Congrats on your success and keep up the great work!
  • atomicchild

    oh the emptees days RIP
  • bulbasaur11

    Looks good congrats
  • Mattfacce

    Man, I miss the empties days.
  • Yuffie25

    looks nice, but you are rude

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