I have an artist that wants to sell his artwork for t shirts/apparel but I do not know how to value the designs he is selling.

What goes into the pricing of this type of artwork and what is a typical range for apparel artwork? I do realize that there are many many factors and that there is no definitive answer to that question. Just looking for guidance from the professionals.

The artwork in question is original but generic, souvenir type t shirt artwork, includes no copyrighted material, no purchased images/clipart, etc. Market is limited for most designs (target demographic < 50,000).

What would be the $ range for a simple single color graphic?

What would the $ range be for full color graphic?

*Edit: Purchase of artwork would be for full use and ownership.
  • chriskillerartworx

    pricing depends on various factors and does not mean that a single color graphic is always cheaper than a full color one. beginners usually charge less than established artists. so when buying the full use and ownership, you buy something you can make lots of money with when having it placed on the right display windows. would you buy a design a designer charges $20 for?

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