Hello, It's been a few years since I've posted and hopefully there will be someone still lurking that can help out.
Basically I have a colleague who is an Illustrator and currently she is having trouble with a few company's that have ripped her design and selling on Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba using low res images of watercolour Cacti/succulents she painted and posted on tumblr.
She's been asked for work currently for bag company's & furniture company's that want to use current design on fabric with rights but don't want to own the design or have original stuff created...
My ask... Does anyone have advice on what steps to go through to set up simple contracts for usage & rights for artwork and maybe advice on copyright laws you might have picked up from experience?

  • disembodied head

    sounds like they're asking for non-exclusive rights, in other words, they want permission to use the artist's designs on their product. Most companies that want to license artwork have their own contracts that they send to artists. I'm sure there are some artists that have their own contracts but my guess is these artists are high volume/high clientele and have a large body of work. I could be wrong though. Your friend needs more specific details from the company that wants to use her work. How many products do they intend to sell with her designs? How much are they selling them for? What are their projected sales? Are they going to pay an upfront fee + a % of sales? If they're asking to use her designs across many different products then that should command more money.

    as for the artist having her work ripped off and sold via Amazon, she should be able to contact Amazon directly and file a complaint against the company ripping her off. All she'd have to do is prove that the works in question are hers and Amazon would likely contact the company and tell them to comply or else have their product removed.
  • cherrypistols

    Thank you, I'll pass it on! :)

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