Hey Everyone,

I made this post about promoting your artwork on Instagram.

Let me know if you know of some other awesome Instagram accounts that share and promote art.

Lots of creatives are trying to find ways to promote their artwork on social media. I have compiled a list of some art sharing sites on Instagram that can help you achieve this goal. (some sites do charge for posts and other posts for free)

*Bonus few tips at the bottom of the post.

Design sharing Accounts

1.Graphicroozane www.instagram.com/graphicroozane/

2. Graphicdesignblg www.instagram.com/Graphicdesignblg/

3. Thedesigntip www.instagram.com/thedesigntip/

4. Graphicdesigncentral www.instagram.com/Graphicdesigncentral/

5. Simply.cool.design www.instagram.com/Simply.cool.design/

6. Graphicgang https://www.instagram.com/Graphicgang/

Type sharing accounts

Typetopia www.instagram.com/typetopia
Type.gang www.instagram.com/type.gang/
Calligritype www.instagram.com/calligritype/
Goodtype www.instagram.com/goodtype/
Thedailytype www.instagram.com/thedailytype/
Typeverything www.instagram.com/typeverything/
Art sharing accounts

Imaginationarts www.instagram.com/Imaginationarts/
Art_spotlight www.instagram.com/Art_spotlight/
Arts_help www.instagram.com/Arts_help/
Artspotted www.instagram.com/artspotted/
Artscrowds www.instagram.com/artscrowds/
Arts.hub www.instagram.com/arts.hub/
Simple tips to grow your account.

(tips I have learned from others)

Post daily (at least) the new algorithm demands consistent posting or you get lost
Comment and interact on other art accounts
Create DM groups to help build your accounts
Use hashtags and use all 30 (every post)
Use Instagram stories ( creative process videos do well)
Be passionate about what you are posting it shows
  • Sotare

    Thanks for the tips and links!
  • atomicchild

    Sotare said:Thanks for the tips and links!

    Thank you for checking it out!!!
  • bsteczdesigns

    Very cool, thanks for sharing!
  • Wisang7th

    cool, thank you for sharing!!
  • JoeBaronDesign

    The tips do work. Being part of the DM group does help out, so find a group of creatives you can connect with to help with your images reaching more exposure.
  • atomicchild

    Thanks everyone for checking this out!!!!

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