I was wondering what is the best mailer bag for shipping shirts?

Also, when accepting returns where do you have the customer return the item to? To your home? To a P.O. box?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  • Sotare

    Uline has polybags that are really inexpensive (https://www.uline.com/BL_1551/Tear-Proof-Polyethylene-Mailers). I spray paint my character on the outside.

    Here's what they look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vheaJheeK4s

    I haven't had any returns yet, but I'd just use my own address. I haven't had a need for a PO Box yet.
  • JoeBaronDesign

    I use the Poly Mailers - 12 x 15 1?2" from Uline. For returns use the address that you listed when you ship the items from. If it happens that your place of business is your home, have it shipped there, no one will know it's your home. You can get a P.O. Box if you want, but that is up to you.
  • RONIN78

    Awesome, thanks for the tips!
  • Cleta Champlin

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