Anyone here from Vancouver, CA who can recommend me a good shirt printer/s around the area? I've looked around and found a couple but I'm wanting to see if there are some other recommendations directly from this community.

I've just moved here so any help would be appreciated.
  • HongfunClothing

    Hi , we are t-shirts factory from China . we can print any logo on blank t-shirts .
    for more information ,please click our website :
  • Sever Apparel there based out of Vancouver, there who i used to print my first line with. Good luck!!
  • oohdoyle

    Thanks @sever apparel! I'll definitely look into these guys!
  • Bravoneedle

    Hello! Welcome to Vancouver. We are a team specialized in retagging/relabelling your Tshirts to help you better promote your brand. Let us know how we can help.
  • Areba21

    This depends on what you print. What sort of resolution, precision, and detail do you need? Anyone with an FDM printer should be able to do it whether it's micro or terrain printing. It could be easier to purchase your own, as the other person said if you intend on buying a lot.

    If you only need a few really high quality bits, then a consumer desktop printer can't match Shapeways - the quality of a hundred thousand dollar unit.

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